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Temple 6: Link’s Worst Nightmare

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It’s easy now…

Now that I have a map, I’ve been able to go through temples 2, 3, and 4 without much of a problem. The temples are very short, but they are full of enemies. Once you get into the temples, they are very intuitive. Just get rid of all the enemies in a room, and a key will appear. Or a door will open. Of course, the lack of refill hearts makes it easy to get a game over when you’re dealing with sporadic keese. So it does take a decent amount of time to get through a temple, but the overall difficulty level is low. The bosses are also ridiculously easy. Take the dodongo at the end of the second temple, for example. Throw a bomb in front of him, and he eats it. Throw a second bomb, and he’s gone. Very similar to the dodongo boss in Ocarina of Time, except the one in Ocarina of Time takes WAY more hits.

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Moving on…

Okay, so after a good hour of searching today, I finally gave up. I went online to find a map of the forest. Apparently, the place I was trying to get to was actually the final boss. Temple number two was pretty close to the beginning, as I had originally suspected, I had just overlooked the screen in which it was located. At least I can finally move on now!!

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First night’s evaluation

The original Legend of Zelda is incredibly difficult. It’s hard because you don’t know what you’re doing. Sure, there are a few people in caves who give you a little information, but not much. The first one told me to “meet the old man in the graveyard.” Okay, I’ve found a graveyard, but there’s no old man in it. Another person told me how to get through a maze that led me to the graveyard, and to temple number six. A third person told me to go up the mountain, where I found temple number five, and a fourth person told me that I could have his sword if I mastered it. The only other person gave me my first sword. That’s not much, in the way of information. Of course, that’s most likely why, in subsequent games, you almost always have a fairy telling you where to go. Another major problem is that you always start from the beginning every time you get game over. So if you’re wandering, looking for something, and an enemy gets you, it’s back to the beginning, you just lost all your progress!

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Finally managed to get a few screens past the swordthrowers. And I was killed promptly by more swordthrowers. This game is so hard! And by “hard,” I don’t mean “pleasantly challenging.” By “hard,” I mean “I am so sick of doing the same thing over and over again.” It’s getting boring. At this point, it’s not taking any thinking at all. It’s just a memorized pattern. I’ve already gone through 104 lives, and still haven’t even found the second temple!

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Where is temple number two????

I’ve been doing more exploring, and I’ve managed to find temple number six, but still no number two. Now that I know how to tell which temple is which, I went back to the first one, and it was indeed temple number one. But where is number two? I feel as though I’ve already explored almost the entire forest! There is this one place, just to the right of the 6th temple, but I keep dying right before I can reach it! It’s crazy out there, there are a bunch of enemies and they’re all throwing swords at me…

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…no, that was temple number 5

I have to leave the second temple. Turns out, it’s actually temple number five. There were these enemies that looked like little bunnies, and they took away 2 hearts every time I touched them. Since I only have 4 hearts available, I’m not ready for this yet. I’m sure that if I were to try over and over again, I could make it through. I mean, I beat Twilight Princess with only 3 hearts, why wouldn’t I be able to do the same in this game? But I don’t think that now is the time to try that.

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Is that the second temple?!?

So I’ve been wandering the forest for a while now. I found a fairy fountain, and I found a guy saying that I could have another sword if I mastered using the first one. I ended up climbing lots of stairs and eventually found the second temple! Well, actually I’m starting to wonder if there is really supposed to be a certain order in which these temples are done. I’m a little disappointed, though, in the level of creativity put into these temples. Just looking at the first room, it’s identical to the first temple, minus one door, and the fact that the entire thing is green, whereas the first temple was blue.

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…that was easy.

So the temple actually was a temple, and it was pretty easy. I just had to defeat enemies and make it to the boss. I found the map and compass, which showed me where each room was, and which room I was in. The boss was a dragon that would spit fireballs at you. If you could dodge the fireballs, he was really easy to beat. For beating the dragon, I received an eighth of the triforce. Now I’m back wandering the forest. I have no clue where I’m going. I’m better armed, now, since I picked up a boomerang and a bow in the temple. What’s odd, thought, is that I had to buy the use of arrows at the store in a cave. The arrows themselves don’t actually run out. Every time you shoot an arrow, you lose a rupee. I don’t really understand why I had to buy the use of arrows if I still have to pay every time I use one.

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I think I found the first temple!!

This time around, I tried a totally different path through the forest. With half a heart remaining, I see this place with lots of deadly-looking tree stumps. I think that maybe I’ve found the graveyard, so I run for the door. It looks like I’ve made it to the first temple-like place. I doubt it actually is the first temple, but it resembles one. But at least when it’s game over in here, I don’t go back to the beginning of the enemy-laden forest!

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