It’s easy now…

Now that I have a map, I’ve been able to go through temples 2, 3, and 4 without much of a problem. The temples are very short, but they are full of enemies. Once you get into the temples, they are very intuitive. Just get rid of all the enemies in a room, and a key will appear. Or a door will open. Of course, the lack of refill hearts makes it easy to get a game over when you’re dealing with sporadic keese. So it does take a decent¬†amount of time to get through a temple, but the overall difficulty level is low. The bosses are also ridiculously easy. Take the dodongo¬†at the end of the second temple, for example. Throw a bomb in front of him, and he eats it. Throw a second bomb, and he’s gone. Very similar to the dodongo boss in Ocarina of Time, except the one in Ocarina of Time takes WAY more hits.

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