First night’s evaluation

The original Legend of Zelda is incredibly difficult. It’s hard because you don’t know what you’re doing. Sure, there are a few people in caves who give you a little information, but not much. The first one told me to “meet the old man in the graveyard.” Okay, I’ve found a graveyard, but there’s no old man in it. Another person told me how to get through a maze that led me to the graveyard, and to temple number six. A third person told me to go up the mountain, where I found temple number five, and a fourth person told me that I could have his sword if I mastered it. The only other person gave me my first sword. That’s not much, in the way of information. Of course, that’s most likely why, in subsequent games, you almost always have a fairy telling you where to go. Another major problem is that you always start from the beginning every time you get game over. So if you’re wandering, looking for something, and an enemy gets you, it’s back to the beginning, you just lost all your progress!

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