…that was easy.

So the temple actually was a temple, and it was pretty easy. I just had to defeat enemies and make it to the boss. I found the map and compass, which showed me where each room was, and which room I was in. The boss was a dragon that would spit fireballs at you. If you could dodge the fireballs, he was really easy to beat. For beating the dragon, I received an eighth of the triforce. Now I’m back wandering the forest. I have no clue where I’m going. I’m better armed, now, since I picked up a boomerang and a bow in the temple. What’s odd, thought, is that I had to buy the use of arrows at the store in a cave. The arrows themselves don’t actually run out. Every time you shoot an arrow, you lose a rupee. I don’t really understand why I had to buy the use of arrows if I still have to pay every time I use one.

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